Why Shred

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Watch the video below. (Video Courtesy of KSL.com)


SECURITY AND SPEEDMaterial is shred immediately!

  • With On-Site Shredding, your materials are shred immediately upon being removed from your office. All materials are shred instantly in your parking lot.
  • With Off-Site Shredding, material may be sorted at the warehouse to optimize payout for paper. High grades (bond) fetch a higher price than low grades (newspaper).
  • With Off-Site Shredding, material may be stockpiled to economize use of shredding equipment.

SEEING IS BELIEVING-With your own eyes!

  • With On-Site Shredding, with a short walk to the parking lot, you can watch your materials being shred via a color monitor mounted to the side panel of the truck.

ELIMINATE RISK OF EXPOSURE-The truck rear stays closed!

  • With Off-Site shredding, every time the truck stops at another customer, the rear is opened twice: first to remove an empty bin, and second to insert the full bin. With On-Site shredding the rear of the truck is NEVER opened until arriving at the recycling facility.

CONCLUSION: On-Site Shredding is optimal.


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