What is Scheduled Service?

Scheduled Service by an On-Site shredding service is an alternative to shredding the day to day confidential documents with an office shredder. We place our locked Executive Consoles or Secured Roll-Away Bins in the offices of our route clients and return on a set schedule to shred the contents. There is not a shredder inside of the consoles, rather a large bag into which the documents are deposited. When we come to service the site, the consoles remain stationary. We remove the full bags, secure them and place an empty bag inside the console. The full bags are then transported in a Secured Roll-Away Bin to our shredder truck in the parking lot where the material is destroyed. Alternatively, clients with Secured Roll-Away Bins are provided with an empty Roll-Away Bin and the full Roll-Away Bin is transported to our shredder truck in the parking lot for destruction. Only our bonded and insured employees and the contact person at the client have the key to unlock the shred containers. Materials are never left unattended or unsecured prior to shredding. Our “hands free” shredding process means our employees do not directly handle your documents. The paper is deposited directly from the collection bins into the shredding compartment via the bin hoist on the side of the truck.