I have records I want to have destroyed. What are my options?

You have several options, each of which varies in terms of security and cost.

1. You can purchase a good office shredder and shred it yourself. This option provides the highest level of security, but has several drawbacks. Most office shredders are limited to less than 10 documents at a time and all fasteners, but staples must be removed. It will take an entire day to destroy what Hudson Valley Shred & Recycle can handle in less than fifteen minutes.

2. You can take your documents to a local Recycler who will naturally destroy your documents in their process, however most paper is just baled and sold on the open market, frequently going overseas. Some Recyclers have a shredding capability and this is your least expensive option, however this is generally considered the least secure method.

3. You can use a shredding service. A shredding service will come to your location and either shred your documents On-Site or take them back to their facility to be shredded.