Hudson Valley Pharmacy Compromises Patients’ Information

Not that we needed any more reasons to monitor our credit cards and the like, but right here in our Hudson Valley a Rite Aid Pharmacy is the scene of identity theft to an unknown level.

Anyone who shopped at Rite Aid’s 238 Hooker Ave. store in the past year should keep an eye on their bank and credit card statements, according to the Rite Aid Corporation.

A Rite Aid associate at the Poughkeepsie location “may have obtained limited customer information” including customer names, addresses and payment card information in order to make “unauthorized payment card transactions,” according to a press release from the corporation.

The Rite Aid associate accused of the thefts is no longer employed at the store, according to Rite Aid. City of Poughkeepsie Police charged Kevin Thomas, 26, of the Town of Poughkeepsie, on Nov. 24 with second-degree identify theft, a class E felony.

The exact number of victims of the alleged thefts is unknown, police said. Rite Aid and the City of Poughkeepsie police are still investigating the incident and are asking customers to report any unaccounted for transactions.

More charges may be filed against Thomas if additional victims come forward, according to city police.

There is no indication that customer health information or Social Security numbers, or any customer information from other Rite Aid stores, was compromised.

Rite Aid is encouraging all customers at the 238 Hooker Ave. location to monitor and review payment card account statements.

Those who believe they have been affected should contact their bank or payment card company, according to the release. Customers with questions about the incident can call 1-800-877-2611 or email


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by Judith