Efficiency & Economy of On-site Shredding

There are many reasons you should be using a shredding vendor to handle the destruction of your confidential documents, but the biggest motive for businesses to outsource this task is always security. Proper document destruction means compliance, because non-compliance can be costly, embarrassing, and have long-term financial effects, not to mention your brand’s name will be indefinitely tarnished.

Many federal and state laws govern how you handle your confidential documents and the record retention policies your business must abide by. Often times, businesses will stockpile their records for far longer than necessary, so it’s imperative to know when and how often you should destroy old documents.

To save on storage fees and to keep your records current, it’s recommended to rely on routine document destruction services. This will take the guess work out of when and how long to keep documents, but also alleviate sensitive waste that can pile up in offices, such as human resources departments, tax and finance departments, and healthcare practices.

Why should you consider routine service from HV Shred Shred?

  • There are no required contracts
  • Billing can be set up automatically
  • Options are flexible; we can service your needs weekly, monthly, or anywhere in between
  • Legal Shred is certified with MSA (Mobile Shredding Association), so you know the job will be handled properly and with the utmost care
  • We supply you with all bins
  • We come to you and will shred all of your documents right at your location
  • HV Shred’s routine scheduled service is a great plan for customers that have a legal and ethical obligation to protect their sensitive information on a daily basis, and the most crucial benefit to routine service? It saves money.

With a routine service schedule, we are able to offer competitive pricing for your destruction needs.

To learn more, please visit www.hvshred.com and feel free to contact us immediately via email or phone. We customize the service to suit each company’s specific needs.

by HV Shred