More Inspiration to Get Shredding & Recycling

Over the course of the last few weeks, the focus of our blog has been on recycling. We have covered the most common materials–plastic bottles, pizza boxes, soda cans and the like.  Still, there is more that can be done.

Whether it’s the office or the home, food scraps and yard wastes can be recycled through composting. These materials which make up approximately 30% of our waste, can be turned into a beneficial soil amendment. Dutchess County currently does not have residential curbside pick-up of food scraps, but you can compost at home. It is a goal of Rethinking Waste to facilitate a pilot program for curbside food scrap pick-up for residents in the future.

Recycling is good for the wallet, too. Waste that is disposed of in Dutchess County either goes to the waste-to-energy facility, where a fee is charged, or it is landfilled. Waste that goes to a landfill is trucked 250+ miles away, and there are transportation costs (both monetary and environmental) and a fee. While there are costs associated with the collection and transport of recyclables, there is usually no fee, facilities are closer to home, and there may even be payment for the materials.

At HV Shred we are proud to facilitate our clients “going green” by recycling thousands and thousands of pounds of paperwork that would otherwise have been landfilled.  We protect identities, reputations, and help one and all comply with federal regulations.  It saves money by reducing waste as well hefty government fines.

Get on board and learn more on best practices for secured disposal of confidential data as well as protecting and preserving our local and global environment.  For more, please visit

by HV Shred