Resource for Valuable ID Theft Information

We have often broadcast valuable information we have found on the “OnGuardOnline” blog organized by the Federal Trade Commission–the government agency charged with, among other things, consumer protection including the pitfalls of identity theft.

Recently, the blog encouraged readers to remember the FTC has many a resource in brochure form and other types of resources to facilitate identity theft education. The best part is IT’S FREE!!! The idea is to create an army of citizen soldiers armed with valuable information. When one person is informed with how to avoid the pitfalls of identity theft, we are protected better on a national level. This is an expensive problem for our country at large. The FTC has brochures on ID Theft protection, online safety handouts; bookmarks about charity fraud and more. The new and better bulk order site is your gateway to almost 200 free publications for consumers and businesses.

The site helps you tailor your search to the audience, topic, type of material and language that matter to you. And you can choose the quantity you need. Not only are the resources free–so is the shipping!

You can:

Sort by audience to find material that suits your crowd; we have items for consumers, parents and teachers, consumer advocates and business people.

Sort to see what’s available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and other languages. All items are described in English, so you can order even if you don’t speak another language.

Search for publications in nine topic categories ranging from Scams to Health to Homes & Mortgages.

Sort the contents by campaign to view all of the materials related to FTC campaigns like Pass It On, Identity Theft or Immigration.

Inspired? Visit and order up to date, easy to use information.

Another great resource for identity theft protection is

by HV Shred