HV Shred Tours Single Stream Recycling Plant

HV Shred President tours single stream recycling plant with Chamber Green Committee

HV Shred President tours single stream recycling plant with Chamber Green Committee

As part of our mission at HV Shred, we position ourselves as part of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” movement. By recycling all shredded paperwork on behalf of our clients, we help keep thousands of pounds of recyclable material out of the landfills every year.

We also urge our clients to re-use what is practical. Though we are able to shred paperclips and binders, we urge our clients to recover what is reusable—which saves them money in purchasing new supplies as well as reduces their waste production. In and of itself, that lends itself to reducing–they don’t need to purchase new products.

To further our common cause, we use our blog and other opportunities to educate. Just last week, as part of our participation in the Dutchess Chamber’s Living Green Committee, we got to go on a tour of the local single stream recycling plant. It’s exciting to know so many products that used to be trash can now be recycled AND we no longer need to hassle with separate bins for paper, plastics, and glass. That’s the beauty of single stream—make it easier and the hope is for more widespread —if not UNIVERSAL PARTICIPATION!!!

Just about everything can be recycled. All plastics except polystyrene (Styrofoam) are now recyclable, but please do not put plastic bags in the recycling bin. They can get stuck in the recycling machines and cause damage. Plastic bags should be kept separate and recycled at your local retail or grocery store under the NYS Plastic Bag Reduction law.

All paper, newspaper and cardboard can be recycled. If you have been recycling for long time, you may remember when white and colored paper had to be separated, and glossy inserts and some cardboards, like cereal boxes, were not accepted. Not anymore. All types of paper and cardboard, including pizza boxes (please no cheese or crust in the box), can be put in the recycling bin. Flatten the boxes and recycle!

All cans, including metal and aluminum cans, metal jar lids and foil are recyclable.

Scrap metal, such as pipes, wires and fixtures, should be recycled at a scrap yard, as these items cause excessive damage to recycling equipment. Scrap metals can be recycled at several local Dutchess County scrap metal dealers, and most will pay you for the material.

Go for a tour at ReCommunity if you have a chance—it’s a blast and you’ll learn a lot!

For more resources related to identity theft protection and recycling please visit www.hvshred.com

by HV Shred