Securely Dispose of These Documents

This week we provide a brief overview of a few items to be sure you are securely disposing. Of course, we recommend shredding as the most secure and environmentally friendly (we recycle!) method.

1. Financial Records

Any form of financial records or documents need to be shredded. This is not limited to your clients, but also business financials should be cut finely. If portions of banking information appear on forms, these items also need to be disposed of with care.

2. Social Security Numbers

Paperwork that has an employee’s or customer’s social security number listed needs to be put through a shredder. Make a note of all documents that ask for that information so you can be sure none are missed when it is time to dispose of them.

3. Photo ID’s

If your business has to make copies of photo ID’s, then those copies should be destroyed when they are no longer needed. The vital information on an ID does not need to fall in the wrong hands. This is a good rule of thumb for employee’s files as well.

4. Voided Checks

Even though a check has the words VOID written across, does not mean they are safe to throw in the garbage. Important bank information is listed on the check as well as names, addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes social security numbers.

5. Offers For Credit Cards

Businesses are not exempt from piles of junk mail. Credit card companies mail out those pesky forms without your consent. These offers should always be placed through a shredder to keep yourself from falling victim to fraud.

6. Insurance Policy Information

All insurance policy information should be disposed of in the proper manner. If you have sections on forms that ask for insurance information, those documents need to be handled properly.

7. Contracts

Contracts hold a wealth of information that you don’t want the wrong person to get ahold of. They typically have social security numbers, financials, addresses, and plenty of other personal information.

Any document that has private information listed should be put in the pile to go to the shredder. It is always a good idea to shred paperwork if you are unsure if it is necessary. You are better off destroying information that could have been thrown in the trash, than to breach confidentiality agreements.

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by HV Shred