Document/Data Safety 101

This week we take a moment to go over the basics of how and why on-site shredding makes sense.

Regardless of the kind of business you run, shredding important documents is vital in preventing ID theft. As a business owner, it should be a number one priority to keep the personal information of your clients and customers safe. Not only do you need to safeguard your clients’ documents, but your corporation also needs to be protected from fraud. So, how do you go about making certain that everyone’s private information is protected? PROPER PAPER SHREDDING. Here are some ways to make certain you are complying with the law and keeping yourself, your employees and customers safe from fraud.

First, paper shredding cannot be taken lightly, as there are legal ramifications to you as a business owner if you do not have a paper shredding policy in place. It is recommended that you use a professional shredding company for disposing of vital information.  Still, it is key to establish a paper shredding policy or system.

As vital component of the system is to train employees what types of paperwork need to be shredded rather than disposed of casually in the garbage.  Encourage staff to err on the conservative.  Clearly labeling where the papers need to be place, giving specific guidelines of what must be shredded, and implementing expectations of your employees is very important in the success of complying with paper shredding mandates.

A quick and not nearly comprehensive list of what needs to be shredded includes:

-Cancelled checks of any form

-Receipts from ATM and Credit Cards

-Bank Statements That Are Old

-Bills That Have Been Paid

-Tax Records and Receipts That Are Older Than 7 Years

-Credit Cards That Are Expired

-Any Document With a Social Security Number on it

-Any Form That Has Private Information Listed

-Documents With Contact Information for Employees and Clients

Summing it up:  we encourage you to implement a records management system that includes training employees thoroughly on proper document handling procedures.  The most secure and efficient method of disposing confidential papework is engaging an on-site shredding service.

When in doubt—shred!  Using an on-site shredding service has the added benefit of recycling, since most on-site shredding services will also recycled the shredded paper.

Protect yourself, your business, and your clients from FRAUD and FINES!

Let us help keep you compliant and lessen the burden when handling consumers’ sensitive information. Contact HV Shred Inc. today!

by HV Shred