Be Wary of Identity Theft Scams

As it is vacation season, here are some scams to keep top of mind.  Once again, we credit as our source for valuable id theft information.

A first tip is to be wary of the late-night call from the front desk telling you there’s a problem with your credit card.  The caller will ask to verify the number.  Keep in mind, it may really be a scammer on the line. If a hotel really had an issue with your card, they would ask you to come to the front desk.  Best practice, if you get a call like this, go to the front desk to do the verification in person.

Likewise, hotel guests are finding a pizza delivery flyer slipped under their hotel door. When you call to order, they take your credit card number over the phone. Unfortunately, the flyer is a fake, and a scammer now has your info. Before you order, make sure you check out the business, or get recommendations from the front desk.

Lastly for this week’s blog, the good old “Wi-Fi” network scam is one to be mindful of.  Just because it has the hotel’s name, it may not be secure.  By using it, you could give a scammer access to your information. Check with the hotel to make sure you’re using the authorized network before you connect.

We hope everyone is getting out and enjoying a summer vacation.  Keep these tips in mind to optimize the fun and minimize the stress.

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by HV Shred