The Garbage is a Treasure Chest for Identity Thieves

This week’s blog draws our attention to the continuing danger of not taking our garbage seriously.  Things we often consider junk mail too often end up as treasures for identity thieves who don’t consider it junk at all.

Valuable data comes in the mail everyday: pre-approved credit card offers, notices from the bank or car loan provider. Do we even pay attention to them? We definitely should.

The few details thieves can gather just from junk mail is easily enough to steal a person’s identity.

Think about what comes in the mail:  mortgage information including how much you owe what interest rates you’re paying, and who it’s with.  With those tidbits, identity thieves can go online and buy additional information.   All they need is the name, address and a couple other qualifying pieces of information.

By the time victims discover the theft, it could be past 30 days and much damage could be done.

Businesses are especially at risk because of their fiduciary duty to their customers.

The key is to err on the side of caution and securely dispose of all information that identifies an individual.  Even just the name and address could be a liability.

On site shredding service is the most secure and provides the most peace of mind.  Not to mention most services will also recycle the shredded paperwork—a step in the right direction to sustainable businesses practices.

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by HV Shred