Identity Theft Prevention Best Practices

We hope you have come to expect valuable suggestions for best practices in Identity Theft Prevention from the HV Shred blog.  Along those lines, what follows are some reminders about taking necessary precautions to secure confidential information.


First, run a virus scan on a regular basis.  Many people only ever run a virus scan on their computer when they think something is wrong. By constantly running virus scans, you ensure that nothing can get a foothold on your computer. In addition, by updating your anti-virus software constantly, you ensure that newer viruses can’t get through, providing you with identity theft prevention.


In addition to keeping anti-virus software up to date, it’s a good idea to make sure that every program you use is as up to date as possible. People looking to steal your identity will make use of outdated patches to hack into your system. Don’t give them the opportunity. In particular be sure to update your web browser as well as operating system every time they require it.


Another way to limit exposure is to be extra mindful of the emails you open.  Email messages often include links that will install invasive software onto your computer, making it vulnerable to future attack. Do not open messages from people you do not know, regardless of what they say.


Similarly, be wary about clicking on a website you are unfamiliar with. Some websites will install programs onto your computer when you click a link. In addition, they can corrupt your web browser, logging everything you type and then stealing that information. This can include user names, passwords, and bank information.


Identity theft is common, and the best thing you can do is to be cautious. Treat every good offer or threat with a grain of salt, keep your software up to date, shred all documentation with sensitive information, and stay safe.


The more sensitive the information, the more important it is to have it destroyed securely.


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by HV Shred