Another Scam to Watch Out For

Perhaps even more frequently than every day, it seems like there is a new scam hatching.  Here’s a new one we learned about from a fellow member of the NYS CPA Society.

In a recent message board post, Mr. Mendlowitz warned to be on the lookout for ‘One Ring’ cell phone scams.

It’s called the “One Ring” scam, because the scammers program computers to send thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers to ring once, and then disconnect. The scammers hope you are curious enough about the call and that you will return the call right away.

When the cell phone owner returns the call they are charged $19.95 for the international call fee. After that there is a $9.00 per minute charge. Often the victims will first hear music, then maybe advertising but it’s easy to see how quickly these charges can add up.

If anyone thinks they may have fallen for this scam, they should immediately alert their cell phone carrier and keep an eye on their cell phone bill.

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by HV Shred