Cyber Monday Best Practices

Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror and that means the holiday shopping season is now at full steam ahead.

As we have noted in the past in this blog, we have found the FTC (the government office charged with dealing with Identity theft issues) to be a useful resource. What follows is the tips recently posted for best practices for on-line shopping.
With the on-line holiday shopping season heating up with “Cyber Monday”, please review these tips before “heading to the stores”

• Read reviews. Type the name of the product or company into a search engine along with words like “review,” “complaint,” or “scam.” Be sure to read a few reviews — don’t rely on just one source.
• Look for coupon codes. Search the store’s name with terms like “coupons,” “discounts,” or “free shipping.”
• Know the terms. Find out what the refund/exchange policies are, and if there are any charges (like shipping costs or restocking fees) if you return a product.
• Pay by credit card. Credit cards give you protections that other methods of payment may not. If there’s a problem, you have the right to dispute charges and temporarily withhold payment while your dispute is investigated.
• Use secure checkout. Before you enter your credit card information online, check that the website address starts with “https”. The “s” stands for secure. If you don’t see the “s,” don’t enter your information.

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by HV Shred