Chamber Provides Last Chance to Recycle TV’s for Free

Note: Next Friday, November 1st and Saturday, November 2nd may be the last time locals in the Hudson River Valley can recycle their CRT containing devices (televisions and computer monitors) for free!!!

Regulars to this blog know beyond best practices in document security we also aim to be a resource for electronics recycling.  We have helped coordinate electronic waste recycling days and will continue to do so.

There is a major change in the program that we need to bring to the public’s attention.  In a recent message from the eWASTE Alliance Network, as of November 1st, many recyclers will be imposing a fee to dispose of Cathode Ray containing devices—televisions and computer monitors.

Some background:  Since the passage of the New York State Electronics Recycling & Reuse Act (regulated by the NYS DEC), manufacturers of Covered Electronic Equipment (CEE) are obligated to provide free and convenient recycling of CEE for NYS consumers. This law is one of 24 state-run Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Laws which exist across the United States.

Because consumers can now “recycle for free” in these states, the volume of material in the marketplace, specifically “Cathode Ray Tube” (CRT) TV’s and Monitors has risen dramatically. The costs to collect and recycle are significant, and recyclers are not compensated nearly enough to cover all the costs resulting from safe reliable collection and recycling services.  Recyclers will still maintain FREE collection of all New York State Covered Electronics EXCEPT CRT-containing devices.

In the meantime, the Alliance has expressed hope that the NYS DEC and the manufacturers of the covered electronic equipment will come together to work closer with recyclers and other stakeholders to develop a more sustainable program.

Please take advantage of the Dutchess Chamber’s E-Recycling event to get rid of your e-waste—and the last opportunity for the foreseeable future to get your televisions and computer monitors recycled at no cost to you!

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by HV Shred