Identity Thieves Prey on Recently Deceased

As a matter of practice, we use our blog to educate our community. Identity Theft Prevention is often a dim but necessary topic. In this case, it is more dim than usual. The cautionary story comes from identity theft on top of the heartbreaking loss of a loved one.

Recently in Virginia Beach, VA, the tragic death of an 18 year old young man was compounded by identity theft. Especially in such a case, identity theft is low on the list of concerns for the family. Unfortunately, it should be a priority one. In less than 8 weeks after Gregory Welch, an 18 year old, died in a car wreck his parents realized that his identity had been stolen.

Some tips for anyone assigned as an executor:
(1)Close all known financial accounts.
(2)Notify the credit-reporting agencies of the death.
(3)Check the credit report after six months and a year.

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by HV Shred