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At HV Shred, the majority of our clients are commercial. Nevertheless, we like to use our blog for public service type announcements. We came across this good advice in one of our trade journals so wanted to pass it along.

It’s the season where we experience the bittersweet send off of our “not so young anymore adults” to college.

In reality, most students are not required to take any personal finance classes in high school. When they head off to college they have to not only learn how to get to their classes but how to take care of their own budget. Please remember to talk to your kids about identity theft before they head off to college. Some basic things to remind them:
• Lock up your personal information. Too many people are coming and going in a dorm room.
• Shred everything with personal information before you toss it.
• Learn how to check your credit score. This should be done at least once a year or better yet once a semester.

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by HV Shred