Elderly Are Hot Target for ID Thieves

With Florida topping all states in identity theft complains (361 complaints for every 100,000 residents according to a recent report by Equifax), it’s no surprise that a major target for ID theft transgressors is senior citizens.

Seniors are attractive to criminals because they have built up very good credit records over the years and are less likely to use online banking so they take longer to detect problems with their accounts. In addition, they might not be required to file a tax return. Since they don’t file a return they are unaware that a fraudulent one has been filed in their name.

We should all make it our duty to check in with our aging parents and loved ones to remind them to check their credit regularly and to keep track of their accounts online. If they don’t know how then give them a hand. The problems of identity theft affect all of us.

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by HV Shred