The Burn Out Factor

Lately, it feels like we are getting a lot of calls from businesses tired of the hassle of slow/burnt out/ or just plain broken down office shredders. Outsourcing could be a cost-effective option depending on the volume of paper an office produces or simply the value of people hours currently being dedicated to one of the least liked tasks.

Even if you go through as little as one box of paper per month, that’s 5000 sheets. Divided by 15 sheets per minute, that’s 5 ½ hours. If the employee shredding earns as little as $8 per hour plus 25% for taxes and benefits, that means the direct cost of internally shredding 5,000 pages is nearly $45 per month. When you add in the cost of the in-house shredder, disposal of bags of paper, dust clean up and disruptions from noise, you are better off using a professional document destruction company.

Beyond relieving the frustation, outsourcing provides the added benefit of the certificate of destruction supporting a client’s due diligence with regards to the federal laws dictating consumer identity protection as well as the “feel good” aspect of recycling all shredded paperwork.

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by HV Shred