Consumer Reports Provides Advice on Safe Online Sharing

HV Shred is a security company focused on helping the community maximize safety and minimize risk when it comes to personally identifying information. Consumer Reports June 2012 issue feature some helpful Facebook tips we want to pass along:
(1) Think before you type-Even if you delete an account, some information can remain in Facebook’s computers for up to 90 days
(2) Regularly check your exposure-Each month check out how your page looks to others and review privacy settings.
(3) Protect your basic information by setting the audience for profile terms–such as your town or employer. Remember: “friends of friends” could expose you to tens of thousands.
(4) Know what you can protect–Your name and your profile picture are public. To protect your identity, don’t use a photo, or use one that doesn’t show your face.
(5) “Un-Public” your wall–Set the audience for all previous wall posts to just friends
(6) Turn off Tag Suggest–If you’d rather not have Facebook automatically recognize your face in photos, disable that feature in your privacy settings.
(7) Block apps and sites that snoop–Unless you intercede, friends can share personal information about you with apps. To block that, use controls to limit the info apps can see.
(8) Keep wall posts from friends–You don’t have to share every wall post with every friend. You can also keep certain people from viewing specific terms in your profile.
(9) When all else fails, deactivate–When you deactivate your account, Facebook retains your profile data but the account is made temporarily inaccessible. Deleting the account, on the other hand, makes it inaccessible to you forever.

So have connect, have fun, but be safe!

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by HV Shred