Why use a Professional Shredding Service?

As you review ways to streamline operations, outsourcing to a professional shredding service often makes a lot of sense for businesses large and small.

Here are some reasons why using a Professional Shredding Service makes sense, and why to choose HV Shred, Inc. in particular:

· First and foremost, if your office has a paper box or more of “to be shredded” material each week, outsourcing shredding saves time, money, and aggravation
· HV Shred is locally owned: we understand the community because we’ve lived here our entire lives.
· HV Shred is fast: our On-Site Shredding Equipment is among the fastest in the area.
· HV Shred is up front: No fuel fees or site fees; conservative estimates so clients stay within budget (no low-balling just to get in the door); going on 5 years in business we still have not raised our rates on current clients
· HV Shred is personalized: our service is personalized, because we take our service personally. We’ll go up or down stairs, shred folders and redwelds, minimal if any sorting required.
· HV is active in the Hudson Valley Community: We are members of the Mid Hudson Chapter of the NYSSCPA, Poughkeepsie-Arlington Rotary, Regional Chamber of Commerce, Council of Industry, and BNI.

For more details, visit www.hvshred.com

by HV Shred