Protect your identity AND reduce junk mail

We at HV Shred, Inc. love it when you can get a double benefit from a single action. Taking another page from the valuable resource that is Consumer Reports, this is a great tip to reduce your risk of identity theft AND reduce junk mail.

One way crooks steal your name is by swiping preapproved credit offers from your mailbox to open an account. They can then watch your mailbox to lift the new card you didn’t know was coming. You can stop credit bureaus from selling your name to lenders by going to or calling 888-567-8688. Opting out should stop most offers, and it’s free.

Other credit offers might come from affiliates of financial services companies that already have a business relationship with you. You can stop them by paying attention to the annual privacy rights notices you get from banks, brokers, and other financial companies and exercising your right under federal law to prevent them from “sharing” (translation: “selling”) your information with affiliates and others. Do the same with retailers and websites.

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by HV Shred