Outsourcing Shredding service can improve profitability

Year-end is that time when businesses large and small often take a closer look at line by line expenses and consider opportunities to stream-line costs and get more out of every dollar in the upcoming year.

Outsourcing shredding service is one such opportunity to increase productivity and beef up the bottom line. After all, in order for a small business to grow and succeed, it needs to achieve a balance between reinvesting profits to meet growth benchmarks while maintaining certain cash reserves. That challenge can create a mindset of constantly economizing and trying to reduce outside expenditures. Yet, some third party expenses can be so beneficial to the overall health of your company that they bear consideration. In other words, the return on investment is great enough to make the expense worthwhile.

One area where the profitability or ROI of using a third party resource is worth such consideration is document destruction and shredding. Compliance legislation mandates that even the smallest businesses need to adhere to certain practices in terms of record-keeping and the destruction of confidential personal information. With that in mind, ask yourself, “How is my business handling the destruction of such information?”

One common answer is to handle document shredding in-house. At first glance, that solution certainly seems to be the easiest. You can simply station shredders at certain location points throughout the office and instruct personnel to shred confidential information. Is it really cost effective?

For as little as $50 per month, HV Shred can take all the hassle, frustration, and anxiety out of properly destroying confidential information. If you are paying staff as little as $10 per hour and shredding about 1 box of copy paper per week, you are already paying over $40 per month–since most office shredders are limited to about 10 sheets per minute. Factor in sorting out paper clips and staples, clearing jams, or just waiting for the shredder to cool down for the next load, the costs really add up.

Owner operated and ON-SITE, HV Shred provides the most secure option for document destruction. For more information on a customized service program, contact judith@hvshred.com. It just makes sense…

by HV Shred