Answer to the question of the week: Yes, We Can Shred Water Damaged Paper

Hurricane or tropical storm, Irene wreaked havoc on the Hudson Valley. No matter what you call the weather phenomenon that swept through the Northeast last weekend, there are a lot of wet basements left in the wake throughout Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam, or Westchester Counties.

The answer to the most asked question this week is, “YES! We can shred water damaged paper”. In addition to being the most secure and environmentally friendly method of disposing of obsolete confidential paperwork, outsourcing to an on-site shredding service is all about making the disposal process as easy as possible. We can not only shred your wet paper, we will also do the labor of carrying the extra heavy paperwork up from your basement. As with all our service, there is never a need to sort out staples, paperclips, folders, envelopes, bank books, checkbooks, or message pads. Our 5/8 inch knives easily turn it all into bits!

Among the other highlights of using an on-site shredding service is that we provide a certificate of destruction which substantiates each client’s due diligence with the alphabet soup of Federal Regulations–all the more important as State Attorneys General are now empowered to levy fines for breaches.

Interestingly, your shredded paper could end up recycled into the very product used to rebuild–much of the recycled office paper is now going into sheetrocking products.
For more information about how we can help you securely dispose of confidential paperwork–water damaged or not–call (845) 705-7279 or email

We hope you didn’t suffer any damage due to Irene–if you did, please let us help.

by Judith