Don’t Forget About Security for Your Smartphone

In their annual focus on security, the latest edition of Consumer Reports Magazine is worth reading to help you consider whether you are taking proper measures to ensure your security in all arenas—in your home, in your office, your computer and the often overlooked smartphone.

Though so far smartphones don’t seem as susceptible to viruses, there is still the risk that your data can be comprised simply by losing your phone—or someone stealing it. We are storing more and more data on these devices yet aren’t taking measures to protect this confidential information. First and foremost, create a password or PIN to access the phone. As with all passwords, make it strong by using a combination of letters (caps and lower case), numbers, and symbols. Also realize that when you engage in programs such as Foursquare that allow you to comment on restaurants, stores, and other places you visit, you are also letting strangers as well as your friends know where you are in real time.

There is software available that lets you lock the phone or erase data remotely. Photos can also reveal your exact location if you use photo-sharing service such as Flickr. To avoid having photos geotagged, turn off the phone’s GPS if you can when you don’t need it.

Be careful when downloading apps and be wary of security settings on all programs in which you engage.

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