Shredding is recommended in New Payroll Records Rules Effective April 9th

On December 14, 201o Governor Paterson signed the Wage Theft Prevention Act into law.  Embedded within the new law is an update to payroll records management.  To be in compliance with the new law, employers disposing of records containing personal identifying information must follow one of these procedures:

  • Shred the record before disposal;
  • Destroy the personal identifying information;
  • Modify the record to make the personal identifying information unreadable; or
  • Take action that they reasonably believe will ensure that no unauthorized person will have access to the personal identifying information in the record.

“Personal identifying information” refers to any of the following information included in an employment record:

  • An individual’s Social Security Number,
  • An individual’s mother’s maiden name,
  • A driver’s license,
  • A financial services account number or code,
  • A debit card number or code,
  • A checking account number or code,
  • An automated teller machine number or code,
  • An electronic serial number, or
  • A personal identification number.

Along with compliance and avoiding fines, properly storing and disposing of personal identifying information be it for our employees, our clients, or our proprietary information just makes good business sense.  For more information on how to make on-site shredding service as simple and cost effective as possible, visit

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