ON-SITE Shredding Saves

When you add it all up, the most secure and economical method for your document destruction needs is ON-SITE shredding.

Looking at the whole picture, using a common office shredder it would take roughly 20 minutes to destroy 4lbs of paper (about 400 sheets). Factor in a $12 an hour office employee and it will cost $4.00 per day to destroy that information. That would equal $84.00 on a monthly basis.  For as little as $50 per month including use of an HV Shred, Inc. locked, executive console, an office can shred many times that volume securely and on-site for a savings of over 40 percent. This scenario does not take into account the freedom from the hassle of the limited “on” time for most office shredders (many need to rest after as little as 10 minutes), the frustration of clearing jams, and the awkward mess those shreds generate.  Not to mention, engaging HV Shred offers the peace of mind that all shredded paper is recycled!

When you consider everything, we save you both time and money and help get you on board with more environmentally friendly business practices.  More importantly, we make sure your documents are destroyed in the most secure and professional manner, On-Site!

Bottom Line: On-Site Shredding saves time, money, and the environment.

by HV Shred