Tap into the energy and therapy of on-site shredding!

One of the best surprises we have experienced since starting HV Shred just over 3 years ago has been the enthusiastic thank you’s we have received from clients ecstatic to have had our help to clean out their paperwork in a simple, secure and quick way.  Because we needed the service for ourselves, we knew our service was all about helping people, but  somehow there is a bit more energy and drama than we had imagined.  In many cases, we have helped our clients dig out from decades of paperwork.  Until you’ve experienced on-site shredding, you may not be able to imagine the therapeutic nature of the process. 

I myself did some year-end cleaning out this past week to tap into that well of invigoration and liberation that comes along with getting rid of unnecessary files and reclaiming my desk, floor, and closet space. 

Our mission is to help all our commercial and residential neighbors in the Hudson Valley experience the energizing feeling of cleaning out with the peace of mind that the most sensitive information is both disposed of securely and in an environmentally friendly way–we recycle all shredded paper!

Happy New Year to all and please contact us at judith@hvshred.com if we can be of service as 2010 comes to a close or as we welcome in 2011.

by hvshred